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The Unofficial NWSL Stadium Guide is a new guidebook I'm currently writing (along with my wife) about all 14 stadiums that host women's pro soccer in the US. We've attended matches at about a third of the NWSL stadiums but when we traveled, we never knew where we should pick our seats in the stadium, where to get a hotel, or how to get to games. So we're writing an exhaustively complete guide to each and every stadium in the league.

We'll cover what the seating options are and which ones offer the most coverage from bright sun and rain with the best views of the pitch, we'll cover all the food and drink options, and what the overall vibes of each stadium are like.

The Unofficial NWSL Stadium Guide

2024 Edition

About the author

I'm Matt Haughey. You can find a little about me at haughey.com, a bit more at Wikipedia, and I try to blog regularly at A Whole Lotta Nothing. My wife is Kay Livesay, a college professor and lifelong soccer fan, player, and coach.

We plan to release the book electronically some time this summer as a $10 ebook. If you'd like to get an update when that happens, subscribe to the site to get future emails from us about it.