Honestly, I think 8 people will buy this book and I'm totally ok with it

Honestly, I think 8 people will buy this book and I'm totally ok with it
The authors at a French-themed party

National Women's Soccer League isn't the most popular sport, but it's growing fast and when we attend a Portland Thorns game we do it with 25,000 people, where the atmosphere is absolutely electric. As longtime Thorns fans, we've occasionally traveled to see their road matches too. At first, it was for a championship game or when someone's trip coincided with a conference or family event, but eventually we started enjoying road games immensely on their own merit as quick weekend vacations.

But we noticed soon after we decided to attend a road game, it was challenging to juggle all the additional logistics. You have to make a lot of decisions quickly when you plan your trip. Once you've got your flights, you have to buy game tickets and pick seats in the stadium that might have many different possible sections. Then you have to figure out where to stay in the city, what to do while you're there, and how you'll get to the game.

So an exhaustive guidebook to all 14 stadiums is the plan. It'll be called:

The Unofficial NWSL Stadium Guide: 2024 Edition

Over the next few months we'll be traveling to every stadium we can to experience the vibes, take photos, and take notes on important things like seating locations, amenities, and yes, even what the restrooms are like. We hope to complete it before the end of Summer and sell it as a $10 downloadable ebook. We may also do a printed version for a bit more if there's demand.

Future plans are to release a new version every year. As the NWSL continues to expand, we'll have new stadiums to describe and review each year and our hope is to attend the first few games of the season at any new expansion locations and release the annual update of the book early in the season.